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Now Serving Ellsworth, Maine and the surrounding Down East Area

mother with baby


"Whenever and however you intend to give birth, your experience    will impact your emotions, your mind, your body and your spirit for the rest of your life"~ Ina May Gaskin

Elemental Midwifery wishes to offer women centered, women led, and women honoured care.  As your midwife, I will educate and provide resources for gathering knowledge on specific topics and you will make the choices for your pregnancy, birth and baby.   No procedure is required but all possibilities will be offered and available.  This is your body, your experience, your transformation, and your family. Elemental Midwifery care will continually remind you that you are orchestrating the events and choice points along the way.

To receive midwifery support from anywhere in the world, Please check out my new online course offering!

Supporting Women through
Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

“The path to enlightenment is really very simple – all we need to do is stop cherishing ourself and learn to cherish others.”  This is Dharma, or a life purpose that one finds to serve humanity.  This work of midwifery care is my spiritual calling and work that provides me with meaning and purpose.  My wish is to support and guide women on their journey through pregnancy and birth as a rites of passage.  An initiation is an event in ones life that transforms a person to prepare them for a new role.  It is a metamorphosis that involves the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms of a persons perception and experience.  It is a process that gives one’s life meaning, purpose, and honour.  It is a piece that we are starving for in our current culture, a beautiful and deep experience of realising ourselves as an intrinsic part of the natural order of things. 

    Women are the creatresses of life, a bold and powerful role within the web of existence.  Through their bodies, life is created and birthed. “Happy Birthday” is deeper than it suggests, meaning welcome to your incarnation, embodiment, and souls journey.  I wish to honour these spirits before they land, as they grow and gestate within their mother’s womb’s.  The process of Elemental Midwifery care works to establish a connection with the consciousness that is growing within by setting aside time in pregnancy to communicate with the spirit.  Through meditation, visualisation, prayer, and ritual, a pregnant women can connect and commune with their baby to be.  Guidance and support will be offered once care is established to help create a container for women to tune in and honour the one who is choosing to be born.



pregnancy is a jouney to self understanding
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