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"As a nurse, I have seen many routinely medicalized pregnancies and births, and I knew I did not want that for myself or our baby. Rachael truly honored the innate wisdom of the body, as well as a mother's intuition, while never loosing sight of the fact that a need for a higher level care may arise as any time. Rachel was present for the home birth of our baby, and provided the space, encouragement, unobtrusive monitoring, and loving presence that allowed the birthing process to unfold naturally. And receiving prenatal and postpartum care in the comfort of our own home made the experience downright luxurious. I could not be happier with the care we received during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Thank you so much Rachael!~A.V , CO
Midwife, Rachael connecting with baby and mother
cranial sacral treatment for infants

"Working with Rachael while anticipating the birth of our first child was such a sweet blessing!  During the pre-natal visits she was always upbeat and absolutely wonderful to work with. We established a great relationship of trust and ease which really played into my comfort during my laboring process. When I told my partner that I wanted to have a home birth, he was cautious about the idea; Rachael easily encouraged his involvement throughout the process, allowing him to reach a confidence with our birth-plan that hadn’t  previously been there. I loved how she was quietly present, yet obviously attentive to what we were going through at all times.

 During the labor and birth there was always a reassuring level of control that she maintained while still allowing me my own autonomy to labor as I felt was correct for me. When our son finally came she was quick to react to the unexpected. After pushing for a couple hours, we began to notice the baby was stressed and no longer progressing, Rachael acted quickly and calmly, instructing me clearly and firmly, and when I felt I had nothing left she made it happen and delivered our little guy successfully. She later told us that what had happened was called shoulder dystocia. Although in hindsight it seems like a frightening situation, Rachael managed it beautifully and I felt like my baby and I were in the best of hands. She maintained the wonderful calm she had held since we met her and made our birth experience—from beginning to end—absolutely brilliant."

 ~Katie, Brandin and Adler, CO

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