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Pink Flowers

Holistic Healing Sessions

with Elemental Alchemy

Whatever stage you are in life, I joyfully offer to you the opportunity to dive deep into the realms of spirit with my healing guidance.  I offer remote and in person Holistic Healing Sessions to help you overcome emotional challenges, spiritual blockages, anxiety, repetitive thoughts, and physical ailments.  With the support of the flowers, plants, and trees, I will work to craft you a supportive vibrational essence so that you can see real transformation in your life.


Personal Ceremony

All stages of life require ceremony to bring meaning and beauty to the transitions we are constantly moving through.  Honor yourself with a personal ceremony where I will personally craft a healing space to support your return to self.


Holistic Healing Session

Share your challenges and inner realms with me for reverent guidance on how to move forward with more joy, beauty and love in your life.  Offered both remotely or in person, 90 minute sessions will support your healing and transformation.

Essential Oils

Flower Essence Medicine

After sessions, I will create you a custom flower, tree, or gem essence to support your desired intentions for healing and transformation in your life.  These essences work on a subtle spiritual emotional level and will create potent shifts in your frequency.

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