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Pregnancy as a Sacred Rites of Passage: The Heart Of my Offering

Pregnancy is a major life event for any woman regardless of how much attention they give to the experience. This course wishes to celebrate and honor this experience in a deeper manner, by guiding any women who wishes to embark on the journey of self knowledge, to treat this as a portal to the innermost dimension of reality. This course provides a map for navigating wounding patterns from the past that directly effect a person’s experience of life which can becomes amplified during labor, birth, and the postpartum period. Acknowledgement of these wounding patterns discovered through the cultivation of self awareness can support a person to loosen the identification with victim stories that can often emerge when trauma occurs. Trauma is defined as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. The medicalization of birth and the cultural disconnection of women from nature has led to many traumatic births for women through the ages. This course work intends to promote healing of past trauma and increase awareness of present wounding, in order to prevent future trauma from occurring especially in and around the time of birth. This course work journey employs ritual, altar creation, journaling, connecting to nature and self reflection to provide a transformational experience that empowers women around birthing and when integrated into a way of life may stop intergenerational trauma from being unconsciously passed down to children. Why is this process so important at this time?

  • Pregnancy and birthing is a most powerful event, one that deserves our attention and that can address cultural issues such as:

  • The cultural suppression of emotions, avoidance of pain, and lack of support to gaining self awareness leads to trauma in birth.

  • Treating pregnancy and birth as a medical event while ignoring the emotional and spiritual aspects of this major life event disempowers women’s experiences.

  • Patriarchal oppression of women’s experiences reinforces patterns of ancestral wounding and intergenerational trauma.

  • Religious and cultural taboos have separated women from their connection to source which is exactly what they need to feel supported and strong.

The tradition of midwifery care, by reintroducing the art of holistic healing can address the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual challenges of a women’s experience to provide life changing transformations that honor women’s transition from maiden to mother or from traumatized/wounded mother to empowered mothers. How can this course effect pregnancy and birth ?

  • The pain and challenges of pregnancy, labor, and birth mirror the contractions one faces as they review their own inner wounding patterns. This powerful opportunity to make powerful transformations through presence and self awareness prepares women to have more empowered birth experiences which support them to live more fulfilling lives.

  • When women are guided through their internal landscape with kindness and clarity, the facing of their inner wounding can liberate and help women heal from childhood trauma to be more resourced as parents. This helps stop the unconscious patterns of intergenerational trauma from being passed on to their children.

  • Women reclaiming birthing as an initiation gives them context and meaning in our modern society as mothers which ultimately leads to healthier more intact family structures and can provide solutions for many of the social issues we face today.

  • Learning to connect with your inner landscape and defense patterns helps encourage more self awareness. This provides women with actual tools to experience healthy self love and self care. A nourished and supported mother has more space to be present and conscious with her children who she is teaching through her actions.

  • Learning simple rituals and practices to integrate consciousness into your being helps one to cultivate an individualized spiritual life which nourishes and supports a more connected and happy life.

If you are still not sure of whether this course is right for you, see if any of the questions below apply to you. Are you a first time mom who wants to overcome personal blocks and limitations to prevent trauma in labor and birth or someone who wants to treat this pregnancy as an opportunity to personally transform by bringing more meaning to an already powerful life event? Are you already a mother who had a negative pregnancy, birthing, or post partum experience in the past and wants to heal trauma from the past to better prepare for this birth? Have you noticed a repeating negative pattern in your personal life or relationships that you want to address NOW to transform your life? Are you aware of healing needed in your family lineage that you want to take personal responsibility for by cultivating your own self awareness? Are you a pregnant person who wants to experience the healing potential of pregnancy and birth as a rites of passage to heal old wounds, transform your birthing experience, gain self knowledge of perceptions and limiting beliefs that cause you suffering in your life. Are you choosing a hospital birth this time around but want to experience adjunct care that wishes to support your emotional and spiritual needs and is offered by a midwife. Are you uncomfortable with the idea of a home birth or don’t have support from your partner of family to choose that option but wish to have holistic midwifery care and guidance to support you in having a more empowered birthing experience in the hospital? Are you longing for a deeper experience of yourself and want to take full advantage of this powerful moment in time when you are carrying new life within? With guidance inward, the changes you are experiencing during pregnancy can profoundly impact your transition into motherhood. Pregnancy and Birth as a sacred initiation is a course for radically reclaiming this major life event as one with meaning and reverence to support your integration of the immensity of the experience of giving birth. For those of you who wish to honor the transformational opportunity available at this time in your life, I offer to you these practices and rituals that can provide tangible tools for you in your life to heal old wounds and claim your power.

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